Diane Luu-Hoang (diemy) wrote,
Diane Luu-Hoang

Day 6: Chelsea

Chelsea is 5.5 months old.  She's very alert.  Always grabbing things and laughing all day.  She likes to roll over and jump in her jumper.  She's feeding very well and starting to sleep well too.  I still sleep with her but I think in a month I'm going to move her into her crib. 

I'm still pumping milk but planning to stop in a few months.  She'll have her shots and start eating solids so she'll get enough nutrients and immunities from that so we're going to supplement her with powder milk so I can finally be free from pumping milk.  It's just annoying planning my day around pumping. 

I have to admit having a girl is super fun.  Her clothes, accessories,  shoes are adorable and so much selection.  Girls are just cuter too.  All the boys are putty in her hands.  Brody absolutely adores her and gives her kisses all the time. 

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