Diane Luu-Hoang (diemy) wrote,
Diane Luu-Hoang

Day 7 and Day 8 - too busy with Chelsea to update: Day 9: Updating during lunch at work

Having a baby is lots of work - add on a 5 year old and a 2 year old it gets even busier. Everyone wants their attention - everyone wants their "mommy" time... it's hard dividing my time up between all kids, my husband, getting work done around the house and getting work done at work!!! Plus I have to plan time with my mom, my friends and etc... UGH.

So yeah... I'm TRYING my best to update LJ as much as possible - but LIFE gets in the way and there are just other priorities - LIKE SLEEP!!!! lol.

TGIF - finally it's Friday - I survivied my first full week back at work. I didn't forget too much of the system and was able to get "most" of my work done on time. Well, what needs to be done right now anyways... future projects can be done later on.

Saturday plans are to run a few errands early in the morning - get laundry done - clean up the house and play with the kids.
Sunday plans are to go to church, take JJ to piano lessons (he's doing so GREAT by the way - he's picking up the songs very fast and enjoying his practices and gets along well with his teacher), then go grocery shopping and at night we're going out for dinner at New Kirwin Eatery with some friends.

Snow has started coming down now and it's FREEZING. UGH... it's hibernation time and I just want to stay at home and watch tv and play with the kids... I'd rather not go out... wait until the spring/summer/fall time to do any outdoors activity. I'd just be content to be with my hubby and kids and no one else. I guess winter makes the "loner" in me. At least I have a family to hang out with... hehehe.
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