Diane Luu-Hoang (diemy) wrote,
Diane Luu-Hoang

Day 10: losing weight

It's a hard battle to win.  Especially having 3 babies my body has definitely taken it's toll.  Ugh.  I still have 15 lbs to lose.  That annoying belly fat won't go away.  I need some kind of miracle or just simple old liposuction should do the trick.  So far I'm just doing the following to help shed the baby weight.

1. Eating healthy.  Meaning not skipping any meals.  Small portions.  Ensuring I'm covering all food categories so I get the right amount of nutrients in me.  No fast food (which is so hard by the way). No pop.  Scale down on the sweets.  Drink just water and milk. 

2. 30 minutes of workout.  Constant movement that makes me sweat. 

3. No snacking after 7 pm.  If I get hungry I drink water or eat yogurt or chew gum.

4. Wear a corset or a tummy tucker or spanks. Something to help mould my body. People laugh at kim kardashian for promoting it but it actually does work.

5. Massage.  It keeps you stress free and relaxed. 

6. Sleep.  I get 6 to 7 hours of sleep to keep me refreshed and healthy.

7. Use stairs and don't use elevator.  Park far from building so that adds a few more minutes of exercise for the day. 

There might be more but can't think of them right now.  Hehe. 

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