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Day 14: Planning

Day 14: Planning the year ahead for 2015. When it being organized at my house, I'm not so great at it... I got papers/books piled up in odd places, the kids toys are all over the floor in the basement - I try to make it an "organized mess" in their playroom and keep the toys only in that area. Sometimes the bed isn't made, there are particle of dust in some corner of the house. My hair is everywhere (my hair has been shedding A LOT since having Chelsea - all part of the after birth cycle). HOWEVER, when it comes to finance, planning trips, planning events and such I am the MOST ORGANIZED person EVER!!!! So I'm starting to go through my calendar and planning out vacation, trips, birthday events, holidays, dinner parties and etc... Now that there's 3 kids to account for, I have a feeling this year is going to be BUSY!

My big event coming up is the boys birthday party. JJ's birthday is on March 23rd and Brody's birthday is on March 29th. So we celebrate both birthdays together. Last year we had it at Chuck E Cheese and we're going to do the same this year as well. I booked on Saturday, March 21st at 530pm. So far the invitation list consist of about 30 adults and 25 kids (not including babies under 1 yr old). Of course this includes relatives from out of town and the 21st of March lands on the kids March Break week (so some people might already have plans) - so I'm sure the numbers will decrease (I HOPE).

Also in March we're going on a trip to Castaway Bay with another family. It's an indoor waterpark in Sandusky, Ohio. I've never been there before, but the family we're going with has been and they say it's very fun for the kids. I'm excited to just get away and enjoy time with the family. The boys LOVE swimming - it'll be interesting to see how Chelsea does with being in the water.
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