Diane Luu-Hoang (diemy) wrote,
Diane Luu-Hoang

Day 34: LJ lives on facebook

Lots of people dropped off of Facebook in the past few years. Life has taken over and everyone is in a different chapter in their lives. I always wondered about some of the people I followed. Well what a nice surprise when someone created a LJ page on Facebook and familiar names and faces came back from the past.  I remember reading posts of schooling in college, dating, romance and heartbreak. Growing up and learning from mistakes. Gosh, we thought we knew it all in our 20 's. *shake my head* we were so wrong. Lol. But look at us now. Married, with kids,  a stable career, living in our dream house, driving our dream cars. This is what life is all about. Looking back it was fun being 20 but honestly I'm in my happiest place right now. If I could stop time at this very second and look around at what I've got, what I've accomplished, what I've build my life up to now. I'm honestly in the most happiest place. My parents, brother,  husband, kids, job, house,  friends. No complaints right now. I know nothing is forever and there will be bumps in the road.  But at this moment, I can't complain.

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