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Day 44: Valentine's Day and Family Day long weekend

At work we have benefit coverage for the employees. It's a pretty sweet bundle - dental (teeth cleaning and fillings are 100% covered), eyeglasses and contacts ($400 max is covered for any prescription glasses - which includes sunglasses - as long as I either put prescription lenses in them OR order a set of contact lenses along with the sunglasses), massage therapy ($800 max for the year), drug (only have to pay $3.00 for any prescribed drug) and etc... anyways, for the prescription glasses coverage it's every 2 years that I get the $400 coverage and my husband company covers $300 so together I have $700.00 to spend on eyeglasses. This is my year where I can use that benefit... so I went to Eyeswares Optical to see what sunglasses they had in stock... I picked out 2 nice coach sunglasses - so with the purchase of 6 month supply of contacts, 2 coach sunglasses, special order of dark lenses for both sunglasses (I hate it when people can see my eyes - so I want to get darker lenses) the cost is right at $700.00. And yes, I do take advantage of the $800.00 of massage, plus with my husband's company they cover $500.00 so together I have a max of $1300.00 of massage therapy I can use in 1 year... so I have an amazing masseuse that I go to monthly and I get a fabulous 1 hr full body massage... FREE OF CHARGE... OMG...

This year we are planning a family trip to Washington DC / New York in August. Then in December we're planning another family trip to Punta Canta Mexico. Hubby just got his citizenship last year, so that means he's allowed to travel outside of Canada now that he has his passport. So ongoing we are planning to either make one big vacation to Vietnam or two small vacation within the US or all-inclusive resort. Next year we are planning a vacation trip to Seattle Washington and probably somewhere with a beach. LOL - then in 2017 we're going to Vietnam for 3 weeks. It's "planned" that my brother and his girlfriend will get married that year and do a big party in Vietnam for all the relatives to attend. (plus it's their honeymoon vacation). Reason why I say "planned" is because my brother hasn't even proposed to his girlfriend yet... and he seems kind of "wishy washy" with this relationship that I'm not going to confirm anything until there's a ring on her finger. But hubby and I already talked and wedding party or not, we are still going to Vietnam in 2017. By then Chelsea will be 3, Brody will be 5 and JJ will be 8. All decent enough ages to travel that far a distance. The bonus is that in 2017 hubby and I will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary. So we're planning to host a small party with close family and friends and also to renew our vows. (We got married in Vietnam). I also want to "upgrade" my wedding ring. Hubby bought my wedding ring for approx $3000.00 so I'm going to "upgrade" my ring to approx $6000.00 and when we renew our vows I'm going to ask the priest to bless our "new" rings (yeah hubby wants a new ring if I get one too! LOL). It's almost like we're getting married all over again! hehehe... so yeah, 2017 will be an expensive year. THAT'S FOR SURE. But hey, go big or go home right?

Oh wow, so I got off topic - Valentine's Day is tomorrow... in previous years hubby and I would pick a nice restaurant, drop the kids off at my parents and have a nice dinner for two. We always end up talking about the kids and wishing they were with us to enjoy the good meal. So this year, we got a few friends that sponsored their families to Canada and this would be their first valentine's day in Canada. So we decided to do a family thing and invite them all out for dinner and then go bowling afterwards. So there's 5 families in total with about 20 people. I haven't been bowling in SO LONG so I'm pretty excited. So in the morning I'm getting my nails done, then run a few errands... then afternoon get some house chores done and at night drop Chelsea off at my parents and then take the two boys out for food and fun. Sunday no plans, just take JJ to piano lessons, grocery shop and stay home. Probably cook up a nice meal. Then Monday I'm off work for Family Day holiday. NICE... so hang with the kids and enjoy time at home.
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