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LJ what?!?!?!

Well, so much for updating LJ on a consistent basis... lol.
The weather is finally warming up. I hope this is the end of the bitter winter cold weather. I'm so over and done with this cold weather. After living in Canada for 35 years you'd think I'd be used to this horrible cold weather, but, NOPE. I complain each year and I hibernate. My friends must hate me during this season since I never go out and hardly socialize with anyone. Wait until the warmer weather comes and I'll be motivated to go out more...

Home: My time is taken up by my kids. With JJ it's ensuring his homework is done, his reading is done, piano lessons... Brody is potty training, feeding him and making sure he doesn't get into trouble (his latest mischief is going into anyone's closet and dressing up, which ends up with clothes EVERYWHERE and layers upon layers of clothes on his head... he's also into drawing and colouring, which ends up with "art" all over the table)... Chelsea is beginning to crawl and sit up on her own... that means time for baby gates to be put up again. Luckily she's not as mobile compared to her brothers... she just crawls to a toy and plays with it and sits and smiles... not as much trouble as her brothers. It's sometimes hard trying to divide my time between the 3 kids since they are all in different stages of their age and need different types of attention. Hubby has been busy working 12 hour shifts - 2 weeks mornings and 2 weeks nights. His newest hobby is photography - he purchased over $5000.00 on camera and lenses. Expensive hobby, but that's ok 'cuz I'm planning to "upgrade" my engagement ring in 2 years and that will also be over $5000.00. So I'm not complaining... hehehe...

This summer we are going to North Carolina for a family trip. There will be 9 adults and 3 kids in total. We are all driving in a RV and renting a beach house. This will be our first family trip together. I'm pretty excited. If this works out, we'll probably make it an annual thing. So there's my motivation to lose a bit of weight. I'm slowly purchasing a new wardrobe for that trip and for the kids too.
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