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Day 85: KIDS

Day 85: The kids have been ill for the past month. Chelsea got this terrible rash on her face. Her cheeks and chin are bright red. We went to the doctors a few times and he prescribed some cream - but it doesn't seem to work. My mom bought some aveeno moisturizing cream, but nothing. We tried vaseline, aquahor, and baby oil... but nothing seems to work. Poor baby always rubs her face on her pillow, the couch cushion, or on me. My mom took her to the walk in clinic and the doctor prescribed her with a cream that has half moisturizer and half steroid. She has a virus that's causing the rash on her face giving her the bright red complexion. We used it and in two days her face has pretty much come back to normal and the irritation has decreased. She's sleeping better and not as agrivated. Thank goodness. Then there's Brody. He has been having a bad cough and constant runny nose. He ran a high fever a few days as well... He's slowly getting better. The doctor didn't prescribe him any antobiotics and told us that it'll pass in due time. As for JJ he has been experiencing very bad growing pains in his legs and feet. His growth spurt got so bad that he was crying all night one night. Poor kid... But it's also slowly passing. I finally got a good night's sleep last night. 6-7 hours. Which is better than the 3-4 hours of sleep I've been having... UGH... Can't wait for the day when the kids are a bit older and I can sleep through the whole night without any interruptions.

I still can't believe I have 3 kids. OH... and when all 3 kids were ill, guess who's room they came running too? YUP... a few nights I had all three kids in bed with me. (Since Chelsea has been born, hubby has been sleeping in the Master bedroom and I've been sleeping in JJ's room because it's closer to Chelsea's room so I can run to her when she wakes up for feedings at night - JJ sleeps with Brody in Brody's room). Have to admit it's kind of nice to have a whole bed to myself and without a snoring partner to keep me awake at night! HAHAHA... better not get too used to this though...
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