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Long Time No Update... Oh Dear LJ =)

WOW - has it really been that long since I've updated? I go on facebook regularly since everyone I know is on there.

So we are nearing June... yesterday was my 8 years wedding anniversary. My, my how time flies by... We didn't get a chance to celebrate since all three kids were ill for the past week. Not only them, but I got ill for a few days and hubby almost came down with something... both my parents are sick - so easy to spread germs these days.

JJ is doing good - he's almost done school for the summer. He will be entering grade 1 in the fall... still can't believe how fast my baby boy is growing up. He's busy with soccer and piano this summer. That's enough to keep me busy for now. He lost two teeth the other day. He told me that he doesn't believe in the tooth fairy... so when I told him to put his teeth under his pillow, the tooth fairy would leave him some money... when he was fast asleep, I slipped 10 dollars under his pillow and took his baby teeth away... he woke up and was happy to have found money, but then he turned to me and said "I still don't believe in the tooth fairy, I think you came into my room and put the money under my pillow and took me teeth"... lol - he's way too smart for me.

Brody is doing alright. He's still not talking yet. His vocabulary to date only includes JJ and Daddy. We have him seeing a speeth pathologist right now. I also have JJ and Brody enrolled in daycare this summer... so that Brody won't be so freaked out about attending daycare since his brother will be there, and also give my mom some time to just take care of Chelsea. Brody is a hard one to take care of... we're still trying to potty train him... if we time him correctly, he'll go in the toilet, but if we don't take him to toilet, then he'll just go in his diaper. *sigh*. I worry about that boy sometimes. We try to be patient, but sometimes it just to the point where we're all just too concerned with his progress.

Chelsea is amazing. Girls are definitely more fun... She's crawling everywhere and going up the stairs. She can stand if she's holding onto something and she just loves to climb. Feeding her is so easy - she eats everything and enjoys to eat and drink. No fuss with her whatsoever. She's also pointing at things and saying "da da" and "Da?" it's so freaking cute!

Summer is going to be a busy time with lots of parties and vacation planned. We opened the pool and hubby already too the first dip this past weekend. The kids were still a bit ill, so I didn't let them go in... they were so jealous of their daddy and wanted to jump in... felt bad - so hopefully if they are feeling better this week I'll let them go in.
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