Diane Luu-Hoang (diemy) wrote,
Diane Luu-Hoang

Long Time No Update... Oh Dear LJ =)

I have some time and I thought I'd update a little bit on here.

Home Life: One word 'BUSY' - the three little ones take up 90% of my time, while the other 10% is keeping the house as organized as can be, balancing the cheque book, hanging with the husband and if I can squeeze a little bit of "me time". JJ and Brody has been going to daycare at JJ's school for the past few months. It was quite the adjustment for Brody - but after three days of crying and uncertainty, he has pretty much settled in with his classmates and teachers. They have all been so pateint and loving towards him... since starting daycare we see such a change in Brody - for the better. He can now say "daddy", "JJ", "Chelsea", "no", "baby", "go", and a bit more. He's not 100% potty trained, but I'd say a good 70%. He's interacting with his classmates and teachers and following instructions and participating with the class schedule. He's even trying some new foods. It's a slow but progressive process, but we're getting there which is awesome. I'm going to continue putting him in daycare until he transitions to JK. The cool part is since the daycare is located right at JJ's school, the environment will still be the same when Brody starts elementary school and virtually all his classmates will be in the same class as him when he starts JK. So that transition will be much easier to cope. JJ has been busy with soccer every wednesdays and the odd saturdays. Every sunday he has piano lessons. He's doing great with soccer and piano. He started piano in November, and he's already going onto level 4. His piano teacher is very proud of his accomplishments and he's catching on very fast. By the time he reaches 8 years old (which is usually the beginners age to start piano) he will have surpassed most of his peers. I'm so proud! Chelsea is beginning to walk - she's taking 10-20 steps now. She's babbling, eats EVERYTHING and always smiling. She's very easy compared to her two brothers, which is total opposite when she was a baby - she was the hardest baby - getting her days and nights mixed up, not feeding on her milk and throwing it up and being so grumpy - but now she's the easiest.

Work Life: Work has been busy. Trying to catch up on things, trying to get things done at the deadline. It definitely makes the day go by faster. Each day is a new day with different tasks, so it doesn't make the job so boring. My coworker introduced me to this water mix called "Flat Tummy Water" - it consists of Cucumber, lemon, ginger and mint leaves. That's it - you put all the ingredients in a water and let it sit overnight - drink the water all day long - I've been doing this for almost 2 months now and I've lost quite considerable of weight. Lots of people have been noticing. So now some of colleagues have jumped into this "fad" and we been drinking this together. I'm not sure if it's the water that's doing this - but that's the only thing that I've changed in my daily lifestyle so far - but I'm losing weight, have more energy, my skin feels healthier and my bowel is regular.

Things to look forward to:
Family vacation to North Carolina for a week
My birthday party
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