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Update time - end of year 2015

I haven't posted on LJ in such a long time. I can see why many people have pretty much given up on this thing. But, as this year is slowly coming to a close, I thought I'd write up a little update on all the memorable events that has happened throughout 2015.

* Brody starting day care at OLMC Latchkey Learning Centre - best thing we've done for Brody. Since starting at the daycare his vocabulary has progressed, he's making friends, he's playing, interacting and such a happier and loving kid. The staff there is so loving, patient and caring towards Brody. Everything they do for him is for his best interest. We are truly blessed to have had Brody enrolled at the day care.

* Trip to North Carolina in August 2015. It was a nice trip away from home, just to relax and be with family. All the kids were on their best behaviour. JJ misses the beach house.

* VietMix Band - one of my girlfriend is a singer for the VietMix Band. My birthday was coming up and coincidentally, the VietMix Band had scheduled a concert the same day. So I was going to celebrate my birthday at that venue. My girlfriend talked me into singing at the concert since she thought I had a nice voice, so I sent ONE song to the band for me to sing... which ended up being 3 songs after our first practice. On the day of my birthday/concert, I had the most fun going up there on stage and performing. Now I'm performing again at their next show (this coming Dec 19th) and performing SEVEN songs. I can't wait to see how this show turns out because if we are successful, there will be a few more concerts scheduled for 2016 which the band wants me to perform at as well.

* Vietnam Trip Dec 2015-Jan 2016. We haven't been back to Vietnam since Winter 2009. This time around, the kids are a bit older and we have made plans for each day while we are there. We're also staying at a hotel this time around so I'm HOPING that we are safe, healthy and enjoying ourselves. I'm praying for a good vacation away - I'm sure it won't be stress free since I'm taking care of three little ones all under the age of 6, but we'll be together with family for the holidays and that's what matters the most.
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