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Update =)

This past weekend was busy but fun. Saturday started with hubby going to work for half the day. I woke up at around 745am and the kids soon woke up afterwards. I got them up, changed, brushed their teeth and got them downstairs to eat breakfast and watch some tv while I quickly got ready. At 9am we all piled into the SUV so that JJ and Brody could start their first day of Vietnamese Language School. It was raining and gloomy... UGH... got them to class and that meant Chelsea and I had 2.5 hours to kill before picking up the boys to go home. So Chelsea and I hung out in the car for a bit then we went to FreshCo to get some fruit and for the remainder of the time I took a quick nap while Chelsea watched some of her favourite youtube videos. I picked up the boys at noon and during our drive back home JJ was telling me all about his and Brody's first day of Vietnamese Language school (they liked it). Got home, and luckily Hubby was home so he could take care of the kids. I quickly decorated the house up (putting up the banners, getting the tables all prepped and a little cleaning up). Afterwards, I took advantage of some spare time to do my makeup and hair - I mean, if I was going to be the hostess to all the guests that night, I have to look at least decent and presentable! lol... at 2pm I left - first stop to get the banh bot loc that I ordered. After that I picked up the birthday cake (chocolate cake yummy!). Next stop was pizza at little ceasar's. I had some spare time until my next stop so I unloaded all the food I picked up at home. 3pm I went to Garden Buffet to pick up the sushi platter. After that was Red Sail for the fried rice and spicey seafood (my favourite!). I got home at 3:45pm and unloaded all the food. I started cooking my casserole and at 4:15pm I picked up the vietnamese fried spring rolls. Hubby got the kids bathed and dressed by 5pm. Guests started arriving at round 6pm. Then the festivities started. Everyone either brought gifts, beer, liquor, food and etc... so we had plenty to eat and drink. We started the karaoke party at around 9pm... by then the drinks were flowing and people were getting pretty tanked. We sang and danced and of course took pictures and videos. It was tons of fun. The party ended at round 1:30am. Guests left and hubby and I quickly put all the food away and left the mess to sleep.

Sunday I woke up around 830am. I quickly dressed to pick up Brody and Chelsea who had left the party with my parents. Got home and let hubby take care of the kids while I took a shower and did my makeup and hair and got dressed up. We went to church at 11am. When we got home, I was in total clean up mode. I cleaned the living room/dining room, kitchen, vacuum the whole house. JJ had put away all his toys and hubby cleaned the deck and took out the trash. I did the laundry and grocery shopped. It was a busy day but by the evening the whole house was clean. (only thing we didn't do was mop the floors - but that's for another day. hahaha).

Altogether, it was a fun birthday party for hubby. The guests all had fun, there was plenty of food and plenty of leftovers... enough to feed us for the next few days. hehehe... NO COOKING! and we got some lovely gifts from our friends as well. I told hubby no more house parties for a while though... these past 2 months has been nonstop house dinners/parties...
June: Dinner party with Tuyet/Kiet family; Midland; Father's Day (Banh Xeo party) - parents plus friends Toan/Thu, Hieu/PAnh, Kiet/Tuyet, Lap/Linh; Seattle Trip (Tiffany/Kevin wedding)
July: Vietmix Party @ Chien/Ninh; Dinner at Ko/Hau; Picnic @ Belle River w/ Hieu/PAnh, Kiet/Tuyet, Thi; Montreal/Ottawa trip
August: Vietmix Concert @ Michigan; Charlie's Bday @ Dung/Huong; Julie's Bridal Shower; Dinner party w/ Manh/Thuc and Kiet/Tuyet; Dinner @ Toan/Thu; Dinner @ Kiet/Tuyet; Dinner w/ Toan/Thu, Hieu/PAnh, Kiet/Tuyet
September: Julie/Rob's wedding; Duong Hien/Di Diep visit; Peter's 40th birthday
NONSTOP - need to rest now! LOL
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